Eva Zannettou

Lettings Manager

Eva believes she is successful due to Martyn Gerrard’s culture, support, reputation, training and career progression opportunities. Eva joined Martyn Gerrard as an Assistant...

Eva joined Martyn Gerrard as an Assistant Lettings Manager, from a small independent company, and has progressed to a Lettings Manager overseeing two branches. Eva loves working for Martyn Gerrard because it is the right combination between a family-oriented company, where each employee matters and a large, well-known company that has the resources to truly allow its staff to succeed Eva believes the earning potential, which is not restricted by locations or thresholds, allows everyone that has the drive to earn to do so. Eva loves the people she works with and feels she has a senior management team that supports her. She enjoys coming to work every day. Eva knows she and the people she works with matter.